Red Earth Systems Analytics

How It Works

Overview of Steps

  1. Access the website at
  2. Login by entering your username and password provided by EZ Stats.
  3. Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

  4. Enter data to create New User account for each producer in the practice including selecting level of security for each user.
    • Team members are either producers or non-producers. Individuals that provide billable services to patients are considered a producer in EZ Stats. You can control who has access to what information and who can do what with it due to EZ Stats' use of role based security.

    Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

  5. Enter Practice Baseline Numbers (usually previous year's numbers) to include Inflows, Expenses, Overhead, AR, New Patients and Recare for the practice and each producer. If some numbers are not available, zero will be entered. The EZ Stats team or the doctor can input these numbers.
    • Baseline is an amount or a number prior to using EZ Stats. This number can be used as a reference for subsequent measurements. The Baseline number is generally your end of year total from the previous year.

    Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

  6. Monthly entries are added for practice expenses.
    • Monthly data entry consist of entering data for the following areas: Expenses, Accounts Receivable, Solvency, ROI, Compensation.
  7. Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

  8. Daily data entry is added for each producer.
    • One of the most fundamental aspects of maintaining the financial health of your practice can be established by utilizing monitors on a daily basis.

    Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

  9. Enter Goals to include Production and Expense goals.
    • Goal setting in EZ Stats consist of Overhead goals and Annual goals. In addition, there are EZ Stats Standards that show you where you ultimately need to be in order to have a healthy practice. You will have the ability to set goals not only for you, but for your team!

    Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

  10. View your practice's critical gauges in a single location for a complete picture of where you are today or for a previous month and year.
    Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

    • Timeline Chart
    • The Timeline chart provides the ability to see how particular items perform over a period of time.

    • Goals Chart
    • The Goals chart provides the ability to see how a particular gauge performed compared to your baseline, your target and EZ Stats Standards.

    • Comparisons Chart
      • The Comparisons chart provides the ability to compare numbers of one time frame versus another time frame.
      • Four comparisons are available:
        • Current Month vs. Previous Month
        • Current Month vs. the same month in Previous Year
        • Current YTD vs. previous year's YTD
        • Date Range vs. Date Range
  11. Variance Report provides a view of how you are currently doing at meeting your Practice Target % and EZ Stats % Overhead goals. The report also displays a variance for both goals.
  12. Dental Practice Software Tool - Oklahoma City

  13. The Monthly Report Score provides a Health Score for each key gauge in your practice.
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