Red Earth Systems Analytics

Graphs make your Job Easier

Meaning to You

Using the EZ Stats system your information is tailored to you. EZ Stats charts and graphs help you track your spending, income, and net worth month-to-month or year-to-year. You can even track progress on team and individual goals. EZ Stats offers many different graphs to view each set of your data. You have the ability to choose the graph that means the most to you.



Insights at your Reach

With simple clicks, you have the details on a category, expense, or team. With simple categorization, and every transaction being taggable and filterable, you don't miss a thing.

With EZ Stats, you will have the tools to make the impossible, POSSIBLE!


Look at Trends

With our system you will see through graphs your spending and profits. With every change in your business, your worth changes and over time you will begin to see how your operation changes can increase your worth.


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